EigenBio Analytical Components

The component analytics are based on input of amino acid FASTA sequences and include:

• Prediction of B cell linear epitopes
• Prediction of MHC I and MHC II binding affinity and MHC cross presentation (70 MHC I and 65 MHC II HLA, plus inbred murine alleles)
• Cathepsin cleavage probability
• T cell exposed motif frequency analysis, relative to a normal human proteome, immunoglobulinome and gastrointestinal microbiome as an indicator of Treg responses,
• Mimicry of B cell epitopes compared to human and murine proteome
• Protein topology
• Assignment of indices for potential immunosuppression, immunogenicity, or allergenicity
• BCR and TCR repertoires
Analysis is then based on the interrelationship of these signals across every sequential peptide in a protein or proteome.

Output from EigenBio analysis includes highly interactive and intuitive graphics and also allows extensive secondary analysis.

EigenBio has established proprietary databases of immunome analysis features including human immunoglobulins (over 40 million sequences), the complete human proteome, comprehensive tumor associated antigen panels, gastrointestinal microbiome repertoires, and thousands of infectious agents. This enables evaluation of epitopes in a network context.

The EigenBio platform is underpinned by several families of intellectual property filings covering multiple facets of the technology. It has generated multiple filings for product compositions.