About EigenBio

Understanding the Immune Response through Applied Mathematics

ioGenetics’ EigenBio platform is a unique statistical systems biology approach to understanding the immune system, which lies at the core of virtually all disease processes.

EigenBio helps design of vaccines and immunotherapeutics, models emerging pathogens and the microbiome, and provides insights into the disease process in cancer and autoimmunity. The platform has further been applied to the sequential analysis of B and T cell repertoires.

EigenBio is unique in the breadth of components of the immune response that it analyzes and integrates: HLA/MHC binding, B cell epitopes, cathepsin processing, epitope mimicry with the host proteome, and analysis of T cell exposed amino acid frequency patterns predicting immune stimulation or suppression. Importantly, none of these variables can be considered in isolation without the others – all form part of the immune system response.

EigenBio is a high throughput system which can rapidly analyze single proteins or large proteomes. Using primary amino acid sequences from human or microbial proteins, it predicts how single amino acid changes alter the immune responses to evolving pathogens or tumor antigens.

Because EigenBio integrates patient/host immunogenetics, it recognizes differences in immune response between sub-populations and individuals, that may indicate differences in risk or response. The inclusion of immunogenetics is essential to design of interventions personalized for individual patients.