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Frequency Patterns of T-Cell Exposed Amino Acid Motifs in Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Peptides Presented by MHCs.

This study of the frequency of reuse of T cell exposed motifs shed light on the likely origin of T-regulatory epitopes and provides insights into T cell repertoires and memory. We are now applying the frequency scales developed here to examine pathogen and tumor proteins and gaining exciting insights into immune evasion and the role of virulence factors. More will be added to the website on these tools soon!

Dr. Robert Bremel presents at 8th Vaccine and ISV Congress
Dr. Robert Bremel presented at the International Society of Vaccinology meetings in Philadelphia October 26-28, 2014. His talk “Treg Profiles and Vaccine Performance” focused on the density and distribution of Treg epitopes in microbial proteins. We have characterized the content and frequencies of potentially suppressive motifs in a number of viruses and bacterial pathogens and find that T-cell suppression may be a common mechanism of host adaptation used by pathogens. In particular, pathogens for which it has been notoriously difficult to develop vaccines, such as tuberculosis, appear to have become adept at this camouflage mechanism. The impacts of Tregs on vaccine performance and the potential for applications of the concepts in hypothesis-driven vaccine design.