Company Profile

EigenBio, LLC was established in January 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ioGenetics, LLC to focus on the applications of mathematics to understanding the immune response and, in particular, the application of the uTOPE™ immunoinformatics platforms which had been developed at ioGenetics, LLC.

The analytics we describe here are powerful tools for:

      • Target identification for vaccine and biotherapeutic design
      • Analysis of antigenicity of biotherapeutic products
      • Understanding the epidemiology of infectious disease, cancer, autoimmunity and other diseases
      • Gaining insight into basic immunology

The uTOPE™ platform was created out of the necessity to find a better way of immunome mapping. While most approaches to epitope mapping have depended on either alphabetic characterization of peptides or
in vitro modeling of the immune system, we reasoned that it was possible to build mathematical descriptors of peptides based on the chemical and physical properties of amino acids, that would allow us apply statistical tools to analyze large datasets of protein and proteome sequences and display patterns of immunological interaction.

Also key to the design of the platform was the recognition that it is necessary to build an integrated picture of the many interacting facets of immune recognition together, and thus gain understanding of the checks and balances that factor into the adaptive immune response. This includes both epitope recognition and self-discrimination.

The result is a rich reasoning environment that brings together predictive models of B-cell and antibody binding epitopes, T-cell epitopes, both stimulatory and regulatory, endopeptidase cleavage, and topology of any protein. uTOPE™ analysis has a high throughput capability enabling analysis of whole microbial proteomes. The reduction to mathematical descriptors enables secondary analyses between proteins and the evaluation of simulated amino acid changes. The uTOPE™ platform continues to grow and evolve to add new facets, not all of which are yet shown on this website.

EigenBio’s scientists are experienced at applying the uTOPE™ analytical platforms to the characterization of biotherapeutic antigenicity, vaccine and antibody design, molecular epidemiology, and to the better understanding of the interaction of host immunogenetics with proteins of many sources. uTOPE™ analysis is shedding new light on many infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and cancer.